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Parrot BreedersBreeding parrots is an art and a science that requires an immense investment. The aviculturists I have met do not take their work lightly. In fact I would say they are as passionate about what they do as I am about training. With so much invested in raising parrot babies it is no wonder responsible parrot breeders are also interested in making sure these youngsters are set up for success when they go home with their new family.

A young parrot is a sponge for learning. This is the perfect time to get started right away with positive reinforcement training. New owners who are familiar with the basics of training and how to prevent behavior problems even before their bird comes home are more likely to have a wonderful and long lasting relationship with their parrot. I am happy to provide tools and resources parrot breeders can share with their customers to help get that relationship off to a great start.


Good Bird Inc offers several free written resources you are welcome to share with your customers. Just fill out the form below and we will immediately send you some parrot breeding articles you are can post on your website, publish in your newsletters or include in customer packets. These articles cover the basics of parrot training, and also provide suggestions for addressing and preventing parrot behavior problems.


We also offer an affiliate program. In this program aviculturists - parrot breeders can earn income by placing a banner on their website that links to Good Bird Inc. You can be confident you are directing clients to quality information on parrot behavior, parrot training and parrot breeding that is based in science and also on many years of experience.


Good Bird Inc also offers several parrot products at wholesale prices to parrot breeders who sell products to their customers. This is one great way to make sure a new parrot owner goes home with an armful of information to help them with their new bird.
To learn more about these parrot products and services, please fill out the form below. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with aviculturists for many years to come. There is much good work we can do together to help parrots and their owners have a long lasting relationship based on trust.

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