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ConuresConures species commonly kept as pets include sun conure, nanday conure, green cheeked conure, peach fronted conure, jandaya conure, white eyed conure, mitred conure, cherry headed conure, blue crowned conure, Patagonian conure, and crimson bellied conure.

Endearing Conure Characteristics:

Conures have a variety of characteristics that make them charming. Quite often they will enjoy having their head scratched. Some conures will bury themselves in their owner’s shirts, jackets and sweaters. All that might be seen is a little head poking out.

Some conures when aroused will sway or slowly move their head in a circle. This is thought to be associated with courtship.

Although not as elaborate as a boinging caique, some conures have been known to hop up and down when excited. This can be put on cue for an entertaining trick.

Conures will also sometimes bob their heads up and down as if they are nodding “yes” or dancing. This can also be put on cue.

Interesting Facts and Quirks:

Some of the smaller species of conures respond to millet spray as a training treat. Many conures also enjoy sunflower seeds. These should be broken into thirds to train small parrots like conures.

Due to their small size conures often move quickly and are great for training behaviors like turning around on cue and retrieves. You can see a white eyed conure learning how to do these behaviors and more in the DVD "Parrot Training and Behavior. An Introduction to Training".

The bird featured in the movie “Paulie” is a blue crowned conure.

Other famous conures include those in the documentary “The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill”

Potential Conure Behavior Problems:

Some conure species are often relinquished because they learn how to scream for attention. Because the voice of some species can be rather piercing the sound becomes too much for many parrot owners to tolerate. However the good news is this behavior problem is preventable and there are solutions to help fix the problem if it happens. To learn more about how to stop a parrot from screaming for attention visit Good Bird Inc's Blog.

Conure Training Examples:

In this video clip sun conures learn to wait on a perch when their trainer enters and exits their enclosure. This is called stationing. This is also a good behavior if your conure is aggressive towards hands when you go to change food and water bowls. You can teach him to station on a perch away from the bowls. Learn more about addressing aggressive behavior from the book “The Parrot Problem Solver.”

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