Parrot Species Profiles

Interesting Information about the Behavior of Different Species of Parrots

One of the very wonderful things about training with positive reinforcement is that it applies to all animals and all species. Therefore what you need to know to train a macaw is really the same information you need to know to train a parrotlet. However that does not mean there are not differences. There are some trends we can often observe in regard to different species. For example what a cockatiel finds reinforcing may be different from what an Amazon parrot likes. Some species are more likely to talk. Some are more likely to be open to a cuddle. Some species are said to “surf”. And some are notorious for building the most spectacular nests. In addition to these species specific tendencies we know that each bird is an individual and will have his own personal experiences that have shaped that parrot’s personality and behavior. (So don’t be surprised if you have encountered a parrot who doesn’t quite fit the stereotype for his kind.) Click the links below to learn a little more about your favorite parrot species and their behavior.African Gey Parrots

Different Types of Parrots

African Grey Parrot
Amazon Parrot
Lorikeets and Lories
Parakeet (Budgerigar)
Poicephalus (Senegal parrot, red bellied parrot, Meyer’s parrot, Jardine’s parrot, cape parrot, brown headed parrot)
Quaker Parrot
Psittacula (Indian ringneck parakeet, Alexandrine parakeet, Plum headed parakeet, Derbyan parakeet)

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