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Parrot Training DVDSBarbara Heidenreich teaches you how to train a parrot to talk. She addresses common myths, and proven methods for encouraging your parrot to vocalize
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Parrot Training DVDSEverything you want to know to get started training your parrot is captured in this video of one of Barbara Heidenreich’s world renowned Parrot Training Workshops.
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The first in our series of Parrot Behavior and Parrot Training DVDs, this DVD covers the basic fundamentals of training with positive reinforcement.
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Make your bird’s next visit to the veterinarian stress free! This DVD shows you how to train your parrot to cooperate in his own medical care.
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Reading you bird’s body language is one of the most important skills you can learn to help you build a relationship with your parrot based on trust.
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I bought one of her 'Good Bird!' books, and it is wonderful! Most books on behavioural problems in companion parrots don’t really help in any way, but boy this one did! It explained the what, why and how for biting, screaming, bonding to one person, cage bound birds and plucking! This is the best book on problem parrots I have ever seen (well, read..)!
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Good Bird! A Guide to Solving Behavioral Problems in Companion Parrots  

Good Bird!

A Guide to Solving Behavior Problems In Companion Parrots
by Barbara Heidenreich

An easy-to-read step-by-step guide that uses positive reinforcement for teaching your parrot acceptable behavior. This book will help you deal with screaming, biting, feather-picking, bonding, and other difficult parrot behaviors.

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Bruce Burchett
at Avian Publications
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The Parrot Problem Solver.

Finding Solutions to Aggressive Behavior
By Barbara Heidenreich

Learn how to modify your parrot’s aggressive behavior. Includes information on parrot behavior in the wild, 10 steps to address aggressive behavior, common myths and misconceptions about parrot behavior, real life case studies and their solutions.

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Bruce Burchett
at Avian Publications
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