Good Bird Inc Testimonials

Testimonials from Workshop attendees

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know the seminar today was AWESOME! It is so different to see the training in person and then watch in real time what can happen! The people were great and you put so much information  in my head - I think it is spinning.

Thanks again!  Awesome group - Awesome Teacher!

I just returned home from your seminar and wanted to let you know how excited I am!! My fearful, parent raised Congo African Grey finally made progress in her step up training!! I did everything very slowly and by the end of our session she was putting her weight on one foot on my hand!! This is a first!! Thanks again.

I am EXTREMELY proud of the leaps and bounds Max has made with positive reinforcement.  I don't know if I can express how much it has changed this bird in the short time that I have had him.  Every time I hold him, on my hand, or rub a foot, or get an "up" to my hand, I revel in the amazement of what positive reinforcement can do.  It has taken some time, but it works, and he is learning how to learn in a positive way. This was an excellent opportunity for me to see hands on training.  It was a treat to watch all the birds. 

Parrot Training Success Stories

One of the most rewarding things about sharing information about parrot training is hearing about the success stories. The following are just a few of the many notes we receive daily from parrot owners around the world. We hope they will inspire you to get started training your parrot with positive reinforcement today.

See what professionals have to say about Barbara Heidenreich and Good Bird Inc.

Good Bird Inc Testimonials“I met you at the workshop in New York City recently and just wanted to say a big thank you. My grouchy (20+ years, PDD sufferer) previously unhandleable African grey parrot Venger is now eating from my hand. Your workshop was so very helpful and made perfect sense. You are a great public speaker and an inspiration to me. I owe you a debt of gratitude for where my relationship with Venger has gotten since I met you. I truly never thought I would be able to hold Venger on my naked hand, and now it’s every day. I haven’t used his transport perch for about 3 weeks. And to be holding both Venger and Daisy at the same time is a terrific feeling. Thanks from all the gang here in Brooklyn.”

Sandra Campbell Brooklyn, New York.

Venger- Congo African Grey 23ish years
Daisy-Lesser Sulpher Crested Cockatoo 3 years

Good Bird Inc Testimonials

I have a Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure named Zephyr. He is almost 2 years old.

My husband and I decided that we didn't want to keep Zephyr's wings clipped anymore. Since he is our first bird we were looking for ways to teach him to fly using positive reinforcement. Barbara happened to put on a Flight Training seminar in Old Saybrook, CT that we were fortunate to attend.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all my experiences relating to Good Bird Inc  products, I recommend them all the time! I find them to be concise, easy and fun to read and watch as well as full of important and easy to implement information. The flight training seminar was very helpful in answering questions about living with a flighted bird as well as how to teach him how to use his wings.

Since I discovered Good Bird Inc I only use Barbara's products or information from sources who have the same philosophy. Since I found positive reinforcement I would never train any animal any other way.

I can't say how excited I am to have found Good Bird Magazine. Having a magazine completely dedicated to positive reinforcement for parrots is an incredible resource. I loved The DVD Understanding Parrot Body Language. Parrots are so unlike dogs and cats in their body language that as a new parrot owner I found that dvd to be invaluable.

Barbara Scavotto Enfield, CT USA

Good Bird Inc Testimonials“We just wanted to express our gratitude to you for making such an accessible DVD on parrot training. My nine year old son recently adopted two pearl cockatiel hens and I adopted a ten year old Quaker parrot. He's going to need some hard core training as he's now in his third home and has plucked his belly feathers. I'm so glad that I have your DVD to help me with his training. You break the concepts down so understandably and make them simple to follow. As a fellow psychology person, I had these concepts down pat in grad school, but when it comes time to use them in real life, in a stressful, emotional situation, I'm glad that you're there! Thanks to The Bird Hut, Inc. here in Portland as well as Dr. Linter and Kelley at The Avian Medical Center here in Lake Oswego for helping me with my birds and leading me to you.”

Nikki Monacelli Portland, OR

“Your video helped me and my parrot Billie with trust issues and so much more! She's so smart; she learned everything inside of a week! Her biggest success is that she will get up onto my arm, where she is very unstable, we think it’s because of an old foot injury, but she has trusted me enough to come up onto my arm and that is so wonderful!!

Thank you for helping me through this process with your videos. I acquired my birds suddenly without knowing what to do, and filtered through a bunch of Bull*** on the internet until I found you! The real thing! I’m eager to learn what you have to teach!

Every time I train them I am always grateful to you and your straightforward easy approach to training them. We have a much better, much more improved relationship because of your work. Again, thank you so much!”

Jan Greene, Louisiana

“This is a video of my Congo African grey parrot Kokonino. She is 20 months old.   I also have a cinnamon pearl cockatiel and a budgie. 

Good Bird Inc TestimonialsI own the first two DVD's in your range and especially wanted the Vet Visit DVD because I would be taking my parrot to her first health check at one year.  I love the tips, especially toweling techniques.  Every parrot owner should know how to properly towel a parrot without causing injury. I was praised by the vet about how well behaved she was so it worked for me!  I also would recommend the behaviour and training for all parrot owners.  There is a wealth of information on it including clicker training and positive reinforcement.  I will be investing in the Reading Body Language as well because it is extremely important to understand what your bird is telling you by body action.   I also had the opportunity to view Get Your Bird Back and would recommend to anyone.   It is loaded with so much information that I personally would not have thought of. 

There are no products available on the market that I am aware of that compare to the products you offer.  Good Bird Magazine is an excellent reference and I am very pleased with the Good Bird Inc. DVD's that I have purchased. 

I have a copy of the videos on nail trimming - invaluable!  I have shared with close friends that can learn from it as well.  Thank you Barbara and Good Bird Inc!!”

Virginia Hayes

Talbot Green, Wales United Kingdom

“I just wanted to send you a note to say how much I enjoyed your seminar. This was my first seminar of this type and I didn't know what to expect. But I found it most helpful to watch you interact with each parrot and go through a basic training routine. No matter how much I've read it doesn't quite capture "hands on" experience. Hopefully, I'll see you in another seminar in the future”

Kurt and Isabella Bird

“I received my first issue of Good Bird Magazine today and wanted you to know how valuable and insightful I've found the articles and information.  I have subscribed to other pet "magazines" that turn out to be just glorified pamphlets.  Good Bird Magazine is a professionally edited magazine that is jam packed with professional advice, informative articles, full color photos and more.

As you know, I also have all three of your DVD's and am looking forward to the fourth DVD you mentioned in the Spring 2009 issue.  I'm proud to say I now have the complete "Barbara Heidenreich Library" of books, videos and subscriptions.  All have helped me better communicate with and understand parrot behavior and learning.

 I would not have the relationship I have with my birds (Timneh African grey, Cockatiel and Parakeet) without your books/videos/website. 

Not sure whether I mentioned I was at Disney World earlier this year and saw Flights of Wonder (several times).  I was even lucky enough to be chosen as the "mark" for the retrieve a dollar scam.  It was great and the bird was HUGE!  I've read that you were involved in developing that show.  It is great!

Thanks again for putting together a truly "complete package" of materials for parrot training, behavior and communication.”

Alex Bowman Boston, MA

“I have a Congo African grey (18 years old) a female green wing macaw (8 years old a rescue bird) and another green wing macaw male (7 months old I hand since he is five weeks old). I am training him for flight.

I heard about Barbara’s work with parrots and her DVDs. Plus she is also a local product (University of California at Davis graduate! I like to support the locals.)

I bought her DVDs "Understanding Parrot Body Language" and “Get Your Bird Back.” The first DVD helped me to have a much closer relationship with my parrots. The shipping was fast!  In the second DVD I thought the lost bird flyer templates were excellent. It prepares you before you lose your parrot. The first 2 hours is very critical, so now I have my emergency back pack each time I work with my parrots outside.

Other products do not compare. Her books are good to have but the DVD is the way to go. You can rewind/fast forward pause when your cell phones rings and press play again when you are ready.

parrot dvd testimonialsMy recommendation is that at the very least buy "Get Your Bird Back."  This will be the best investment for your parrots.  Like the old saying: “It’s better having it and not needing it than needing it but not having it.” The lists included on the DVD are great tools to have if you ever have to recover your parrot. I would like to add two items to the list:  A ten foot telescopic light bulbs changer with a "T" perch on the end and a 12 foot telescopic aluminum ladder that you can buy at Sears for $99 bucks.”

RC from Woodland, CA.

“I've read the whole thing cover to cover and enjoyed greatly. Thanks for all the work you do, your beautiful spirit and attitude is just ever so helpful to me, not only with my critters, but also with my special needs kids (I teach visually impaired kids!)”




Good Bird Inc Testimonials“I have one cockatiel.  We think he was about 6 months old when we adopted him from a pet store, and we have had him for 4 years.  We think he is a male, and we call him Fred. 

I attended a conference April 2009 with the Julie and Patti from the Gabriel Foundation. In my conference package were a number of references to the “Good Bird Inc” web-site as a reliable site for information on training, nutrition and just information for bird crazies. I live in a small town and Good Bird Inc, gives me a connection to a community of people that are interested in birds and their welfare and care, taming and training with positive reinforcement!  Good Bird Inc, gives me, the trainer (sometimes I’m not sure who’s training who) the courage to keep going and keep consistent with my practicing.  Even after a small nip, it has helps me “understand” the ways of my bird and different techniques to avoid the nip all together. 

I subscribe to Good Bird Inc magazine and I am awaiting my first DVD and Book purchase! I am very excited to see the materials. 
The magazine has been great, the web-site and u-tube videos are awesome. I know “someday” my bird will cuddle in a towel, and let me clip his toes.  We’re getting there, and when I get discouraged, I can watch the video again. 

I know that Barbara would only have the best interest of the birds in mind, so I feel confident using the materials and following the suggestions offered.  I admire her work and dedication to the bird and animal community. I would like to attend a conference under her direction some day; hopefully she will be in Manitoba/Saskatchewan someday soon.”

Jayna & Richard Ives Dauphin, MB Canada

“I have two cockatiels, who were a little nippy and reluctant to step on my hand when commanded. This drove me to look on the internet, and what do you know! I found Barbara’s website! I have read a lot of magazines that told me about Barbara, and so I thought that buying one of her books was a great way to go, so I did.

I bought one of her 'Good Bird!' books, and it is wonderful! Most books on behavioural problems in companion parrots don’t really help in any way, but boy this one did! It explained the what, why and how for biting, screaming, bonding to one person, cage bound birds and plucking! This is the best book on problem parrots I have ever seen! (well, read).

This book helped my birds: step up when I asked them to, fly to me without hesitation, allow me to pat one of my cockatiels which used to be nippy and all in all, be lovable companions! This book is well worth every cent (or penny, dime etc..) you pay! It is highly recommended by me.

And although I haven’t yet bought any other things from Good Bird Inc, it is well worth your time looking at the other stuff if you would like a well tamed, loving and wonderful companion parrot! This book has reached even higher than my expectations from before I got the book!”

Sophie, Australia

“I have 3 cockatiels and 1 parrotlet (all males). I was looking for help with a biting cockatiel
and found Barbara’s DVDs, book, and magazine.

I'm amazed at how much I learned!  It is all such good common sense too--nothing "hocus pocus"!  It has helped me immensely.

There is nothing out that compares.  Barbara's information is so clear and straightforward and no-nonsense that it amazes me. 

I highly recommend all of Barbara's products.  Her information and instructions are pure common sense. My husband and I both read the book and watched the DVD in amazement.  Several times we both asked ourselves why we didn't think of that before while working with our birds.” 

Sulinn Mathews Leechburg, PA


I have two Male Budgies, Tucker & Milo, and two Female Cockatiels, Kara & Zoey. I originally learned about Good Bird through Phoenix Landing Parrot Rescue.

I have had a subscription to the magazine for a couple of years now. I've also attended a workshop of yours this past year and I'm member of the yahoo group. I also have a copy of the first Behavior and Training DVD

I've enjoyed being a customer/student very much, the customer service is excellent! I've never had trouble having a question answered or an issue resolved. I've learned how to communicate with my little birds through positive reinforcement and my relationship with them overall has really developed well.

I have used would be various online searches on parrot chat forums and other e-magazine site and Bird Talk magazine. Most of the information from these sources is lacking in detail and leaves you searching for more. I never feel empty after an issue of Good Bird Magazine, it is very detailed and thorough.

The digital downloads are probably the easiest way to get information quickly and they are worth every penny. Though I do find myself printing some articles for reading away from my computer I do like the having the information digitally to access. But as a visual person seeing Barbara work in a seminar setting was helpful beyond words. All the information I had read up till that point really made the most sense when I saw it used in person.

Good Bird Inc Testimonials

Holly Tarquinio Fort Worth, Texas

I have two African Grey parrots. Both females, one 11 years, the other 4 years.  I was first introduced to Barbara at a San Antonio bird club meeting.   

Barbara demonstrated training techniques that I hoped would help me with a bird that I had recently acquired from a friend.  I already had a seven year old African Grey we had purchased from a local breeder at 4 months.  We knew very little about raising a bird, but read everything we could get our hands on.  Somehow, we were able to raise a pretty well-adjusted African Grey. 

We had a retired racing greyhound named "Tex".  Shorti and Tex had a bond that was unexplainable.  They kept each other company while we worked. I would come home from work and before I opened the door to the house, could hear Shorti asking Tex, "Tex, do you like grapes?"  "Tex you are a Good Dog!......Tex, i love you... Be a good dog."  Tex developed osteosarcoma, and it was time to say good-bye.  Our vet came to our house so that we could all be together when it was time.  The last words Tex heard were of his bird-buddy saying, "Tex, it's okay, it's okay. I love you." 

After Tex was gone, it was heart-breaking to go off and leave Shorti alone during the day.  Plus, the friend (breeder) we had purchased Shorti from had a bird whom no one wanted.  She had feet deformities, was small, and had a slight beak deformity.  Everytime we visited our friend, this bird captured our attention.  

Finally, my husband and I made a decision to take her home.  Before we brought her home, we took Shorti over to our friend's house to meet her.  We placed Shorti's carrier close to the new bird and asked her what she thought.  She simply said, "Cool." So, we arranged for the new bird, now 14 months old, to come home with us. 

The breeder had not handled her, other than to hand feed.  We could not handle her...she had no idea what we wanted when we offered our hand.  We were at wit's end.  I remembered Barbara's techniques and success from the seminars.  Plus, I had subscribed to Good Bird magazine.  How fortunate for us that she was within driving distance.  We arranged to meet and she came to our house.  She worked with the new bird and gave us encouragement and instructions as to how to train her.  With Barbara's help and guidance, this bird now steps on our hand.  When she does, she proudly exclaims "GOOD!!!".  Amazing.

We used several workshops, books and magazines.  The materials and seminars exceeded our expectations.  I have held onto the publications and will share them with friends who acquire birds. 

The products are by far, the best available.  I did purchase other products, but they seemed more geared to trick training.  These animals are so incredibly intelligent, we need to find ways to encourage them, help them understand what we humans need and want and help them live with us.  I have discussed my experiences with Barbara with our vet and he agrees, she is amazing. 

My recommendation would be to purchase anything/everything you can get your hands on.  Attend seminars when available and listen and learn.

Nancy Reed San Antonio, TX

“I have a 7 month old Congo African Grey parrot. As a first time, new parrot owner, I had begun developing my relationship with my parrot, but I felt that it could be better.  Also, I didn't understand how to begin training for specifics.  Reading the instructions is one thing, but to actually see it from Barbara on the DVD, pointing out the exact steps, and when and how to reward just made it all so easy.

I was so excited when my video arrived in the mail, I couldn't wait to get upstairs to watch it!  Upon opening the packaging, I was disappointed that the disk had "jumped" off the hub and had become scratched.  I was still able to view the DVD, but the quality was poor, and it jumped.
I was not about to return the disk as it was just too much hassle with me being in Canada and having to deal with customs.  I wrote an e-mail to Good Bird Inc to advise them of the problem, but only wanted to let them know of the problem, I was not looking for my money back or anything, as I could (which I admitted) view the video, even though the quality was poor.
Within two days, I received an e-mail back, apologizing for the damaged video and a link to a free copy of Barbara's magazine.  I was thrilled, writing back to thank them.
Three weeks later, I checked the mail, there was a replacement copy of the DVD waiting for me!  That was amazing customer service!
Now, not only was I going to be a loyal customer due to the fact that Barbara's methods were easy, fun, and my parrot was learning them all so fast, but also because I felt like I was being treated so well also.
Again I wrote back to Good Bird Inc to tell them how thrilled I was with their customer service, and that I would highly recommend them, and Barbara's products to anyone (and everyone) who would hear it.
Even today, I opened my e-mail to find a message from Barbara personally checking to ensure I was satisfied.  For the record, satisfied does not begin to describe how happy I was.

Compared to the books that I have tried to train from, the DVD was amazing, being able to see Barbara model how I should train and observing the behaviours of the birds she was working with allowed me to really understand what I needed to watch for in my parrot.

Good Bird Inc stands behind their products, Barbara's training methods are sound and my bird loves training time using them.  Try it, you won't be sorry.”

Ryan Mahar

Mission, British Columbia, Canada

“Because I saw you "do your magic" in person, I realized that I would be able to do it too.  I am not sure I would have made the progress I have made if I had not attended the workshop.  I have taken online courses, but I guess "seeing is believing."  I can't thank you enough”

Dot Rambin

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