Table of Contents
Good Bird Magazine
Volume 5 Issue 3

Fall 2009

From the Editor’s Perch
Baby Parrots in the House By Barbara Heidenreich

Positive Reinforcement for Good Bird  

Feature Articles

When a Parrot Won’t go Back in the Cage By Barbara Heidenreich
Oops! I Scared My Parrot By Barbara Heidenreich and Sid Price
Of Falcons and Parrots: Five Ways Training Falcons Has Made Me a Better Parrot Trainer By Rebecca K O’Connor
Be Prepared! The Avian Disaster Kit By Jamie Leigh Powell

Regular Features

Profile of an Animal Lover
Robin Shewokis

Learning to Fly
Parrots and the Importance of Flight By Steve Hartman

How Did They Train That?
The Dos and Don’ts of Harness Training Your Parrot By Barbara Heidenreich

What Is Your Bird Saying? Learn to Read Bird Body Language  

Your Good Bird! Reader Success Stories
No Longer Nailed by My Parrot By Pat Phillips
Simple Solution to a Fear Response By Pat Anderson
A Refuge for Saving the Wildlife: A Sanctuary for Parrots and People By Pat Anderson

Out of the Mouths of Parrots  

Conference, Event Reviews and Press Releases  

Upcoming Events and Seminars   

Quoth the Raven…er, we mean Parrot!

Book Review
Little Birdies by Anthony F Lewis 
Reviewed by Barbara Heidenreich

Lift by Rebecca O’Connor
Reviewed by Barbara Heidenreich

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