Good Bird Inc

Welcome to Good Bird Inc!

You may have noticed our tag line “Fostering the human-animal bond with positive reinforcement.” This really expresses the goal of this company. Good Bird Inc. was designed primarily to address the growing interest in positive reinforcement training with parrots. It is so very exciting to see the changes that have been occurring in the area of companion animal behavior. We have watched dog training change dramatically as more and more people are discovering the sheer joy of training with positive reinforcement. Even more thrilling for us is to see this same process occurring in the world of companion parrots.

The Mission of Good Bird Inc.

Give people the tools and information to:

  • Be kinder and gentler with their parrots
  • Build a relationship based on trust
  • Solve behavior problems using the least intrusive methods
  • Experience the amazing relationship one can have with a parrot when you train with positive reinforcement

For more information about Barbara Heidenreich visit her bio.


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