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Good Bird Magazine
Volume I Issue 3

Fall 2005

From the Editor’s Perch
You Can Do It - By Barbara Heidenreich

Positive Reinforcement for Good Bird Magazine

Feature Articles
Straight Talk about Parrot Behavior
- By Susan Friedman, Ph.D.
Training Small Birds - By Barbara Heidenreich
How to Play the Training Game - By Barbara Heidenreich
Behavioral “Health”: Creating a Well-Behaved Parrot Companion - By Pamela Clark
Fun with Foot Toys - By Jan Graham

Regular Features

Profile of an Animal Lover - Matt Edmonds

How Did They Train That? Experts Share Their Training Strategies
Training your Bird to Turn Around on Cue
- By Barbara Heidenreich
Training your Bird to Lift his Wings on Cue - By Marianne Morrison

What Is Your Bird Saying? Learn to Read Bird Body Language

Science for the Bird Brain (A Synopsis of Scientific Papers Related to Avian Medicine)
An Overview of Aspergillosis -
By Diane Starnes

Your Good Bird! Reader Success Stories
What’s the Hurry? - By Gay Noeth
Training Pepe - By Rita M. Sambruna
Dolly’s Story - By Terry DeBrow

Out of the Mouths of Parrots
The Pickles Chronicles - By Georgi Abbot

Parrot Man - By Dave Askew

Poetry – A Follow Up
Dusty’s Tail - By Bill Smith

Test Your Avicultural Knowledge - By John Del Rio

Pick the Principle? Positive Reinforcement, Negative Reinforcement or Punishment? - By Barbara Heidenreich and Susan Friedman, PhD

Pickin’ Parrots
The Bug War – Us Against Them! - By Cheryl Rose

Learning to Fly 
Training Multiple Birds
- By Barbara Heidenreich    

Conference, Event Reviews and Press Releases
AAV Conference
Parrot Behavior and Training Workshops
The First Flight WorkshopPress Releases

Upcoming Events and Seminars

Quothe the Raven…er, we mean Parrot!

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