“Because I saw you "do your magic" in person, I realized that I would be able to do it too.  I am not sure I would have made the progress I have made if I had not attended the workshop.  I have taken online courses, but I guess "seeing is believing."  I can't thank you enough”
-Dot more

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Upcoming Animal Training Events, Webinars and Seminars

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Bird Training

Use this time and date converter to determine when the webinars will occur for you. The events stream live from Austin, Texas 

Bird Training

October 24-25, 2015 "Two Day Parrot Training Workshop" Iserlohn, Germany. Hosted by Parrots Parcel. Lecture, powerpoint, video examples, live training demos and hands on training opportunities. The lecture will be presented in English with German translation available. For more information in German visit this link

October 29-31, 2015 "Advanced Hands-On Parrot Training Workshop" Erica (Drenthe) Netherlands. Are you ready for more parrot training challenges? Hosted by Stichting Papegaaienhulp. For information in Dutch visit This workshop will help you practice training more challenging behaviors. There will also be an additional emphasis on solving behavior problems. Participants will have more freedom to train with less supervision, but will still have coaches readily available for feedback. Training will not be limited to enclosures only with coaches.  Behavior goals will be more challenging and will include training for cooperation in veterinary care. This very unique parrot training workshop will have less focus on lecture and more on training, training, training! Due to the facilities large number of birds, you will have many opportunities to train throughout the day as well as watch training demonstrations. Barbara Heidenreich, Bonny Talsma and staff members of Stichting Papegaaienhulp will be there to coach you on exactly what you need to do to improve your training skills. We will have some training goals prepared for you, but you will also have the opportunity to explore training goals of your own. The focus will be on the small details and special techniques Barbara has developed that can have a big impact on your training. Plan on a fun, supportive intimate environment with lots of one on one attention. Seminar is presented in English, with Dutch translation available. Registration fee includes lunch, snacks and beverages throughout each day. Once you register you will receive an email with additional details. The price is $250 US dollars which is approximately 220 Euros.

Register at this link
For other payment options contact

Bird Training

November 14-15, 2015 "Canadian Parrot Conference" Guelph, Ontario, Canada Barbara will be doing an hour long presentation on Saturday on Addressing Screaming for Attention. On Sunday she will present on Training Sirocco the Kakapo and a full day Parrot Training Workshop. The workshop will cover the basics of training, reinforcers and creating motivation, reading parrot body language, behavior problems, live training demonstrations, inspiring videos clips and much more. The conference offers a unique opportunity for avian enthusiasts to gather under one roof to enhance their knowledge about the care, behaviour and husbandry of parrots. World renowned experts travel to the conference and actively share their knowledge and experiences with all in attendance. This conference also provides an opportunity to support a number of avian causes and organizations, in addition to shopping for avian related goods and giftware. Learn more at

Bird Training


NEW! February 1-3, 2016 "Animal Training Workshop: Animal Motivation and Training" San Antonio, TX, USA Hosted by the San Antonio Zoo. An intensive hands on training workshop for professionals who work in zoos and similar facilities. Multi-species focused. Visit for more information.

NEW! February 7, 2016 "Parrot Training Workshop" Portland, OR, USA Hosted by Synergy Behavior Solutions. Visit for more information as it becomes available.

NEW! February 20-21, 2016 "The Art and Science of Animal Training Conference" Denton, TX, USA. Barbara will be attending this event.

NEW! February 22-24, 2016 "Zoo Veterinary Medicine Conference" Leon, Mexico. Barbara will be presenting at this conference. Detials coming soon.

NEW! February 27-28, 2016 "2 Day Parrot Training Workshop"Puebla, Mexico Hosted by Cuetzpalin. Day one will cover an introduction to the basics of training with positive reinforcement in the morning. In the afternoon we will be focusing on solving common parrot behavior problems such as screaming for attention, biting, hormonal behavior and more. Day two will be hands on training sessions with your own bird or birds provided by the host with coaching from Barbara. Visit for more information as it becomes available.

Bird Training

NEW! March 28-30, 2016 "Fundamentals of Animal Training Workshop for Zoo Professionals"Boras, Sweden. Hosted by Boras Djurpark. An intensive hands on training workshop for professionals who work in zoos and similar facilities. Multi-species focused. Visit for more information.

Bird Training

NEW! April 23-24, 2016 "2 Day Parrot Training Workshop" Calgary, Canada Hosted by Birdline Parrot Rescue Visit for more information as it becomes available.

Bird Training

NEW! June 4-5, 2016 "2 Day Parrot Training Workshop" Saskatoon, Canada Hosted by Saskatoon Parrot Rescue Visit for more information as it becomes available.

NEW! June 11, 2016 "Parrot Training Workshop" Indianapolis, IN, USA Hosted by Bird Fever. Visit for more information as it becomes available.

NEW! June 15-19, 2016 "Zoo Conference" Playa del Carmen, Mexcio Barbara will be presenting at this event. Details coming soon!

Bird Training

NEW! August 20-25, 2016 "Beyond Basics. Positive Parrot Retreat" Dallas, OR, USA Hosted by Cockatoo Downs. This unique and advanced seminar is for you if you have found yourself fascinated with positive reinforcement teaching and are eager to move beyond the basics, OR have trained your bird or another bird in a skill beyond target training, stepping up, or turning around, OR have previously attended a seminar, webinar, or class where the basics of positive reinforcement training have been covered, OR you feel like you've got the basics down even if you've learned then unconventionally and you're ready to take the next step. This event is truly Beyond the Basics. You are more ready than you think. Come dig into the next level of bird training. Early bird registration will be open on November 1. Visit for the latest information as it becomes available.

More dates coming Soon!

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