“Because I saw you "do your magic" in person, I realized that I would be able to do it too.  I am not sure I would have made the progress I have made if I had not attended the workshop.  I have taken online courses, but I guess "seeing is believing."  I can't thank you enough”
-Dot more

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Upcoming Animal Training Events, Webinars and Seminars

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Bird Training

Use this time and date converter to determine when the webinars will occur for you. The events stream live from Austin, Texas 

Bird Training


June 4, 2016 "Parrot Training Workshop" Saskatoon, Canada Hosted by Saskatoon Parrot Rescue. Tickets are 75.00 cdn, and will include a banquet supper, silent auction and live band following the seminar. There are discounted tickets for spca, animal protection, avian vet students and other avian rescues. Visit for more information. Buy your ticket here Share the event on Facebook

June 5, 2016 Private Facility Consultation, Saskatoon Canada

June 11, 2016 "Parrot Training Workshop" Indianapolis, IN, USA Hosted by Bird Fever. Visit for more information as it becomes available.

June 15-19, 2016 "Zoo Conference" Playa del Carmen, Mexico Barbara will be presenting at this event. Details coming soon!

Bird Training

NEW! August 5, 2016 "Veterinary Behavior Symposium" San Antonio, TX, USA Barbara will be presenting on Using Science Based Training Technology to Train Avian, Exotics and Zoo Animals to Cooperate in Medical Care. Learn more and register at

NEW! August 7, 2016 "Fear Free (TM) Parrot Handling Wet Lab" American Veterinary Medical Association Conference San Antonio, TX, USA Barbara Heidenreich and Alicia McLaughlin, DVM will be presenting this lab.

August 15-17, 2016 "Zoological Association of America Mid Year Meeting" Providence, Rhode Island. Barbara will be presenting an animal training workshop at this event.

SOLD OUT! August 20-25, 2016 "Beyond Basics. Positive Parrot Retreat" Dallas, OR, USA Hosted by Cockatoo Downs. This unique and advanced seminar is for you if you have found yourself fascinated with positive reinforcement teaching and are eager to move beyond the basics, OR have trained your bird or another bird in a skill beyond target training, stepping up, or turning around, OR have previously attended a seminar, webinar, or class where the basics of positive reinforcement training have been covered, OR you feel like you've got the basics down even if you've learned then unconventionally and you're ready to take the next step. This event is truly Beyond the Basics. You are more ready than you think. Come dig into the next level of bird training. Early bird registration will be open on November 1. Visit for the latest information as it becomes available.

August 27-September 1, 2016 "ExoticsCon Veterinary Conference" Portland, OR, USA. Barbara will be presenting a flight training lab with Chris Shank and Pamela Clark on site at Cockatoo Downs for this event. Barbara will also be presenting how training for medical care significantly reduced stress for treatment of a serious illness in a cockatoo. Visit for more information.

Bird Training

NEW! September 17-18, 2016 "Parrot Society of UK 50th Anniversary Celebration" Chester Zoo, United Kingdom Hosted by The Parrot Society of the UK. Barbara will presenting on her work with the Kakapo Recovery Program on the 17th and will be giving a special workshop on solving parrot behavior problems on the morning of Sunday the 18th. The workshop requires a separate registration. Do be sure to register in advance for this special workshop! Visit for more information and also here.

September 20-24, 2016 "EAZA Conference" Belfast, Ireland. Barbara will be participating in this conference and contributing to the animal training working group.

Bird Training

October 15-16, 2016 "2 Day Parrot Training Workshop" Karlsruhe, Germany Hosted by Parrots Parcel. Visit for more information as it becomes available.

October 17-19, 2016 Private Zoo Consultation Europe

October 21-23, 2016 Private Zoo Consultation Europe

October 25-27, 2016 "Fundamentals of Animal Training Workshop for Zoo Professionals"Boras, Sweden. Hosted by Boras Djurpark. An intensive hands on training workshop for professionals who work in zoos and similar facilities. Multi-species focused. Visit for more information.

October 29-31, 2016 Private Zoo Consultation Europe

Bird Training

NEW! December 9-11, 2016 "Clinical Animal Behavior Conference" Las Vegas, NV, USA. Barbara Heidenreich and Dr Alicia McLaughlin will be teaming up for a day of instruction on working with parrots in a clinical setting. This conference includes intensive hands on practical application opportunities as well as lectures catered to veterinary professionals interested in working with parrots. Visit this link for more information.

More dates coming Soon!

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