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“Because I saw you "do your magic" in person, I realized that I would be able to do it too.  I am not sure I would have made the progress I have made if I had not attended the workshop.  I have taken online courses, but I guess "seeing is believing."  I can't thank you enough”
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Upcoming Animal Training Events and Seminars

Bird Training

August 2-6, 2014  Association of Avian Veterinarians Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA. Barbara will be presenting on Reducing Stress for Avian Capture and Restraint. Visit for more on this event.

NEW! August 30-31, 2014 Two Day Parrot Training and Behavior Workshop" Hjarup, Sweden (South of Sweden). Hosted by Fagelkliniken. This two day seminar will cover the basics of training, how to read parrot body language, how to create motivation for training, reinforcers and motivation, solving parrot behaviors problems and more. There will be live training demonstrations as well as many inspiring video examples of parrots trained to do amazing things like cooperating in medical care. The seminar will be taught in English. Learn more and register at this link or Email:

Bird Training

September 4-6 2014 "Hands-on Parrot Training Workshop" The Netherlands. Warmoesweg 11
7887 TP Erica (Drenthe) Netherlands. For information in Dutch visit This very unique parrot training workshop will have less focus on lecture and more on training, training, training! Reading, listening, and watching are great tools, but there is nothing quite like doing and getting feedback in real time. Due to the facilities large number of birds, you will have many opportunities to train throughout the day as well as watch training demonstrations. Barbara Heidenreich will be there to coach you on exactly what you need to do to improve your training skills. You will learn basic and advanced practical application skills. We will have some training goals prepared for you, but you will also have the opportunity to explore training goals of your own. The focus will be on the small details and special techniques Barbara has developed that can have a big impact on your training. Plan on a fun, supportive intimate environment with lots of one on one attention. Registration is 225 Euros (which is 306 US dollars.) This includes light breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages throughout each day. Once you register you will receive an email with additional details.
Register at this link

September 10-14, 2014 "2nd Practical Animal Training Workshop" Berndorf (near Vienna), Austria. 
Barbara Heidenreich and Sabrina Brando are coming again to join our group of trainers and give further insight into advanced animal training, animal ethics, animal welfare and practical approaches. This time we will have 5 days of practice and theory, which are taking place in the lecture hall at the field station of the Veterinary Medicine 'Kremesberg' (Berndorf). The theoretical sessions will be adjusted to the needs/ motivation of our animals and training sessions. You will be able to train the same animal for five days to be able to deepen your experience and understanding. The main training focus will be on rodents and cows, but some other animals might sneak in. The number of participants will be smaller this time so make sure you register asap to save your spot!
Visit this link for more information and to register

Bird Training

October 4-5, 2014 "Two-Day Parrot Training Seminar at The Seattle Parrot Expo" Seattle, WA area. Hosted by The Flight Club Foundation. Barbara will be presenting a day long seminar on saturday on how to train your parrot, solve behavior problems, live training demonstrations and more. On Sunday Barbara will be coaching participants as they train their own birds. This year, your registration will be helping Mary Rose of Chirping Central direct funds into in-situ conservation programs.  Watch her race across the Pacific Ocean in a rowboat this coming June at to show everyone "Extinction is Optional (tm)"   The Saturday seminar will be held from 9am to 5pm includes a catered lunch from one of our sponsors.   The training sessions on Sunday are at  10-1 and  2-5pm with check in one hour before each session.  Sunday sessions require the Saturday lecture to participate.  Enjoy a light snack, your own training perch to take home with you, a free well bird exam by a board certified avian vet and more!  Cost for the Saturday seminar $75.00. Cost for the entire weekend, $175 for you and your bird.  To register, visit and click on SEATTLE PARROT EXPO, Workshop registration and more.

October 9- 12, 2014 "Advanced Parrot Training Workshop" Sacramento, CA. Three full days of training with coaching from Barbara Heidenreich. Must understand basic training concepts, ABA principals, and have done previous training with your bird. Each day will involve hands on training sessions with participants birds. Fee is $850.00.  Only a limited number of slots to ensure one on one attention. Participant must submit application of experience. Contacts: Capital City Bird Society at or

October 10th, 2014 "Parrot Behavior Problems Lecture" Sacramento, CA, USA. 7-9 PM hosted by the Capital City Bird Society  YWCA 1122  17th St Sacramento, CA.. $35 for CCBS members $40 for non members. Get help for parrot behavior problems. Screaming for attention, bonding to one person, aggressive behavior. Professional animal trainer and behavior expert Barbara Heidenreich will share kind and gentle methods you can use to train your bird to be well behaved, trusting and fun.

NEW! October 27th, 2014 "Parrot Training and Behavior Workshop" Hadlow, United Kingdom. (South East of London) Hosted by Hadlow College. This one day seminar will cover the basics of training, how to read parrot body language, how to create motivation for training, reinforcers and motivation, solving parrot behaviors problems and more. There will be live training demonstrations as well as many inspiring video examples of parrots trained to do amazing things like cooperating in medical care. The seminar will run from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM. And will be held at Hadlow College. Lunch and light snacks will be provided. Registration is 70 GBP ($118 US). To register and reserve your spot, please visit this link. You will receive an email once you register with additional details.

Bird Training

November 8, 2014 "Animal/Parrot Behavior & Training Workshop" Norton, MA, USA.  Barbara will be teaching a day long animal training seminar with a special emphasis on parrots at Wheaton College. Learn how to train your pets, solve behavior problems and watch live training demonstrations.The workshop will be held from 10 AM to 5 PM. Cost is $65, lunch is inlcuded. Visit this link to register and reserve your spot.

Bird Training


January23-25 2015 "Parrot Festival" Houston,TX USA Visit for more information. 

Bird Training

April 4-5, 2015 "Hands on Parrot Training Workshop" Near Stockholm, Sweden More information coming soon.

April 10-11, 2015 "The Ethics of Creating Motivation in Animal Training Seminar" Stockholm, Sweden. More information coming soon.

April 13-18, 2105 " Animal Behavior Management Alliance Annual Conference" Copenhagen, Denmark Visit for more information.

April 18-23, 2015 "ICARE Conference" Paris, France More info coming soon

April 25-26, 2015 "Parrot Training Workshop" Finland More info coming soon

Bird Training

July 9-13, 2015 "Positive Parrot Training Retreat" Dallas, Oregon. Hosted by Cockatoo Downs. This one of a kind hands-on training experience allows participants to bring their own birds. Participants receive one on one coaching from parrot behavior and training experts. The resident free flying cockatoos at Cockatoo Downs are also available for training. This intimate gathering is kept small to ensure individualized attention.For registration information visit

More dates coming soon!

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