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Good Bird Magazine
Volume I Issue 4

Winter 2005

From the Editor’s Perch
One Year of Good Bird™By Barbara Heidenreich
Feature Articles
Introducing…. The S Files - By Lee McGuire and Susan Friedman, Ph.D.
My Bird is Afraid of Everything - By Barbara Heidenreich
Who’s Your New Friend? Introducing New Members of the Family - By Rebecca K. O’Connor
Transporting Your Parrot Safely and Comfortably - By Laura Wade, DVM, Dipl. ABVP (Avian)
The Feather Distribution Project: Protecting Wild Parrots from Home - By Catherine Vine
New to Training? Watch and Learn - By Sid Price
Enriching Parrots with Foraging Branches - By Gay Noeth

Regular Features

Profile of an Animal Lover - Rebecca K. O’Connor

How Did They Train That? Experts Share Their Training Strategies
Training a Cockatoo to Voluntarily Accept a West Nile Vaccination - By Katie Cicora and Jim Nemet  
Training your Bird to Stay on your Hand - By Barbara Heidenreich

What Is Your Bird Saying? Learn to Read Bird Body Language

Science for the Bird Brain (A Synopsis of Scientific Papers Related to Avian Medicine)
Hypothesis on Psychogenic Feather Damage Behaviors (FDB) - By Diane Starnes

Your Good Bird! Reader Success Stories
Bartie Learns to Fly - By Emily Heenan
Training? Moi? Surely You Jest! - By Dean Moser
Problem Behavior Leads to Training Success - By Pat Phillips
Changing Sally’s Self Destructive Behavior with Science - By Beverly Penny

Out of the Mouths of ParrotsThe Pickles Chronicles - By Georgi Abbot

Test Your Avicultural Knowledge By John Del Rio

Pick the Principle? Positive Reinforcement, Negative Reinforcement or Punishment?
By Barbara Heidenreich and Susan Friedman, PhD

Pickin’ Parrots
Your Bird’s Secret Hide Out -
By Cheryl Rose

Conference, Event Reviews and Press Releases

Upcoming Events and Seminars

Quothe the Raven…er, we mean Parrot!

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