Table of Contents
Good Bird Magazine
Volume 2 Issue 3
Fall 2006

From the Editor’s Perch
Speaking without Uttering a Word By Barbara Heidenreich

Positive Reinforcement for Good Bird

Feature Articles
The Facts About Punishment By S.G. Friedman, PhD, and Bobbi Brinker
Extreme Close Up of a Freelance Artist  Featuring Mary Hughes
The Galah: Surviving in Australia’s Outback By Gemma Dehnbostel
Not So Stupid Pet Tricks By Gay Noeth
Bird Identification Challenge Photos by Nico Shoemaker

Regular Features

Profile of an Animal Lover –Kim Caldwell

How Did They Train That? Experts Share Their Training Strategies

Training your Bird to Target By Barbara Heidenreich

What Is Your Bird Saying? Learn to Read Bird Body Language

Learning to Fly
Colorado Fly Week Review By Dean Moser, Chris Biro, Darren Edwardson, Ellen Aparicio

Science for the Bird Brain (A Synopsis of Scientific Papers Related to Avian Medicine)
 A Closer Look at Neophobia in Parrots By Diane Starnes

Your Good Bird! Reader Success Stories
Clipping Picasso’s Toenails: An Odyssey By Pam Price
Positive Fallout from Trick Training By Gay Noeth
Flight: For Better or for Worse By Debbie Goodrich

Out of the Mouths of Parrots

Pickin’ Parrots
Ahh Choo!  It’s Allergy Season! By Cheryl Rose

Conference, Event Reviews and Press Releases

Upcoming Events and Seminars  

Quoth the Raven…er, we mean Parrot!

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