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Good Bird Magazine
Volume 3 Issue 3
Summer 2007

From the Editor’s Perch
Training is Fun! By Barbara Heidenreich

Positive Reinforcement for Good Bird

Feature Articles
The S Files Addresses Biting When Going into the Cage by Willynne Tully, S.G. Friedman, PhD and L. McGuire
Prompting and Coercion by Barbara Heidenreich  
The Big “A”, Anthropomorphism by Rebecca K. O’Connor
Respecting the Bite by Barbara Heidenreich
An Alaskan Aviary Experience by Kris Porter
Back Yard Habitats for Parrots by Sheralin Conkey and Noelle Fontaine

Regular Features

Profile of an Animal Lover - Linda Morrow

How Did They Train That? Experts Share Their Training Strategies
How I Taught Bertie to Retrieve by Patricia A Phillips

What Is Your Bird Saying? Learn to Read Bird Body Language

Your Good Bird! Reader Success Stories
Perdy Becomes a Problem (Part One) by Dorothy Schwarz
Bailey Learns to Recall by Mona Delgado
Learning not to Reinforce Unwanted Behavior by Beverly Penny
Breakthrough with a Parent Raised Bird  by Jennifer Ratliff  

Out of the Mouths of Parrots

Conference, Event Reviews and Press Releases  
Book Review - “Spix’s Macaw. The Race to Save the World’s Rarest Bird” by Patricia A. Phillips

Upcoming Events and Seminars   

Quoth the Raven…er, we mean Parrot!

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