“Because I saw you "do your magic" in person, I realized that I would be able to do it too.  I am not sure I would have made the progress I have made if I had not attended the workshop.  I have taken online courses, but I guess "seeing is believing."  I can't thank you enough”
-Dot more

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Upcoming Animal Training Events, Webinars and Seminars

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Use this time and date converter or this time and date converter to determine when the webinars will occur for you. The events stream live from Austin, Texas


January 25, 2018 “Addressing Behavior Problems in Exotic Species” Texas A & M University, College Station, TX. USA. Private Event for Veterinary Students.

January 26-28, 2018 “Parrot Festival” Houston, TX. Hosted by the National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation. Barbara will be presenting on Friday the 26th at 2:45 PM. Her topic is as follows:

Stress Free Veterinary Care for Companion Parrots
Learn how to easily train your parrot to accept oral medications, be comfortable wrapped in a towel, and participate in preventative care. Discover techniques to introduce new objects (such as medical instruments) without creating fear responses. Learn which behaviors to prioritize to reduce stress for health care of your bird and how to gain cooperation from your parrot while at the veterinary hospital.  You will be amazed at what your parrot can learn to do to make health care easy to accomplish.

Bird Training

February 7 -8, 2018 “Animal Training Workshop”  San Antonio, TX  Hosted by the San Antonio Zoo. During this two-day workshop, hear from a panel of industry experts, including Barbara Heidenreich, on innovative training techniques, learn through live training demonstrations from members of San Antonio Zoo’s Animal Care Team and participate in exclusive hands on training opportunities. Registration is just $195 per person and space is LIMITED. Registration includes entry fee, transportation to and from hotel, a light breakfast and lunch on both workshop days, plus a special dinner on the night of the first evening (February 7, 2018). *Registration closes January 26, 2018.

Bird Training

SOLD OUT! March 24-25, 2018 “Art and Science of Animal Training Conference” Irving, TX, USA (near Dallas airport).  This conference combines academics and animal trainers for a unique perspective on animal learning.  Barbara will be presenting at this event. To get on waiting list visit this link

March 27-29, 2018 Zoo Consulting Texas

Bird Training

April 8-13, 2018 “Animal Behavior Management Alliance Conference” San Antonio, TX, USA Barbara will be presenting a mini workshop at this conference. See topic below. To learn more about the conference and to register visit this link.

Advanced Concepts in Animal Training and their Practical Application Animal training is a field that is dynamic and evolving. Cutting edge professionals are constantly asking questions, challenging themselves to better use the science and technology to improve how we care for animals. This workshop will explore some of the topics that contemporary animal trainers have been embracing and/or exploring more in recent years in an effort to continue to advance the industry. The workshop will cover: Behavior economics, an entire field devoted to the study of reinforcement value and how it influences behavior. Learn how to apply aspects of this field to improve training. What are schedules of reinforcement and which are most relevant in today’s animal training? When undesired behavior occurs there are many options for trainer responses, most have drawbacks. Learn what’s on the menu and what choices facilitate learning without fallout. The bridging stimulus can have numerous different meanings depending on how a trainer uses it. Discover the many possible functions of a bridging stimulus and proper application. Think you are using classical conditioning or counter conditioning when you are introducing that new object and pairing it with food? Not exactly. Intrigued? Join this advanced concepts workshop and learn the latest thinking on this common procedure and others in animal training.

Bird Training

August 4, 2018 “Parrot Behavior and Training Workshop” Parker Colorado, USA. Are you struggling with parrot behavior problems? Are you wondering how to train your parrot to be more fun and interactive? Or do you just want to find ways to create the best life possible for your feathered companion? Then join us for an informative day of Force Free Animal Training (FFAT). FFAT is the term Barbara Heidenreich uses to describe her style of animal training. Force free means the use of coercion and aversives to get desired behavior are not an option. Instead Barbara focuses on using positive reinforcement, empowering animals to choose to participate and building a relationship based on trust. This results in a well behaved, interactive and entertaining companion parrot. We will explore FFAT via lecture, video, games, activities and live training demonstrations. You can expect an informative, inspiring and fun day of learning. Details coming soon. Visit this link for workshop information and to register now! SPACE IS LIMITED!

More dates coming Soon!


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