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Supporting Parrots in Rescues and Parrot Sanctuaries.

In recent years it seems more and more parrot rescues and parrot sanctuaries have been cropping up. But even though more exist, they seem to fill up with unwanted birds almost immediately. I have great admiration for people who generously dedicate their lives to taking in these unwanted parrots. I have heard the heartbreaking stories of many of these birds and also witnessed many parrots bounce back with incredible resiliency thanks to the fine people working to rehabilitate these creatures.

I have often said my role is to educate people. I hope that by doing so, I can prevent the kinds of behavior problems that often cause parrots to be relinquished. I know those problems do not have to be if people have good quality information that shows them how to have a successful relationship with a parrot. I look forward to the day when the rescues and the sanctuaries will no longer be full, and parrots and their caregivers are peacefully coexisting in the home.

But that day is not here just yet. And this means there are many parrots in need of help. One way to support parrots in need of a home is to donate your time, goods or money. Many rescues are in need of volunteers to work with the parrots, attend to their husbandry needs and sometimes provide foster care until a lifetime home can be found.

Another option is to support facilities with donations of parrot related goods. Good Bird Inc has a policy of donating any goods that are not suitable for resale (such as DVD’s with broken cases, or my favorite….the DVD with a spelling error on the cover) to parrot rescues and sanctuaries. Please contact your favorite parrot sanctuary before donating parrot related goods as they may have guidelines as to what they can accept.

Parrot SanctuariesSome of the organizations to which Good Bird Inc has donated to in the past include the following:

The Gabriel Foundation
Bird Lover’s Only Avian Rescue
Pampered Parrots
Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc.
Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue

As with most non profits, one of the best ways to help is to donate funds to their cause. Good Bird Inc customers will notice when they purchase a product they have the option of donating $1 to parrot rescues. Each year these funds are dispersed amongst parrot rescues and welfare organizations.

I hope you will find this to be a convenient way to show your support for parrots

~Barbara Heidenreich

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