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Dallas Morning News
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- Wild About Animals
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- Nature: Extraordinary Birds

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Urban Animal- Australia
Parrots Magazine - United Kingdom
Bird Talk Magazine – USA
Good Bird Magazine
Companion Bird - Japan
Woliera - Poland
Papegaaien Journaal - Netherlands
Kaijutin -Finland
World Parrot Trust Psittacene - UK
Article on French web site

BUST Magazine - Cat Training


parrotsGood Bird! A Guide to Solving Behavior Problems in Companion Parrots by Avian Publications (2004)

The Parrot Problem Solver. Addressing Aggressive Behavior by TFH Publications (2005)

parrotsThe Parrot Problem Solver. Addressing Aggressive Behavior Japanese Edition (2009)
Japanese Publisher
Click here to order

parrotsGood Bird! Guia para Solucionar los Problemas de Comportamiento de tu Loro by Editorial Falgueras SL (2008)

parrots Good Bird!
Russian TranslationPurchase info coming soon

parrotsParrot Behavior and Training by Good Bird Inc (2006)

parrotsTraining your Parrot for the Veterinary Exam by Good Bird Inc (2007)

parrotsUnderstanding Parrot Body Language by Good Bird Inc (2008)

parrotsGet Your Bird Back!
What to Do When A Parrot is Lost

parrotsThe Basics of
Parrot Training
A Live Workshop

parrotsTrain Your
Parrot To


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Barbara Heidenreich
World Renowned Animal Trainer
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Barbara Heidenreich travels the world training the earth’s most unusual creatures. This in-demand trainer has worked with everything from rabbits to rhinos. Her specialty is birds and her most  recent adventure involved curbing the amorous ways of a famous head humping rare parrot in New Zealand.

Barbara has a degree in zoology and is an adjunct instructor at Texas A & M University. She has produced seven instructional DVDs, authored two books and has been published in nine different languages. She is famous for her enthusiastic and entertaining presentations, but her true gift is her kind and gentle approach to animal training. She helps people solve pet behavior problems, demystify animal behavior, and connect with the animals in their lives.

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Areas of Expertise

Animal Related
Animal Training
Zoo Animal Training
Pet Training
Parrot Training
Small Mammal Training
The value of companion animals
The human animal bond
Teaching parrots to talk on cue
Training birds to fly outside and return
Animal shows
Reading and interpreting animal body language
How animals learn (the science of behavior analysis)
Solving animal behavior problems
Training animals for medical and husbandry behaviors
Training animals for conservation education shows
Animal enrichment
Legalities of owning birds
    - exotic species (eagles, hawks, owls, parrots)
    - domestic (chickens, ducks, pigeons)

Additional Topics
Internet marketing Female entrepreneurs
Starting your own home based business
How to travel the world for a living
Living life out of a suitcase successfully
Getting your book published
Publishing your own magazine
Reading a “how to” book and getting results
Targeting a specialized niche market

Private Appearances, Employment or Consultation Work

Zoological Parks
Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Dallas World Aquarium
Dallas Zoo
Santa Barbara Zoo
El Paso Zoo
Brookfield Zoo
Caldwell Zoo
John Ball Zoo
State Fair of Texas
Disney’s Discovery Island
Marine World Africa USA
Toledo Zoological Gardens
Tautphaus Park Zoo
Gulf Park Marine World
Perth Zoo in Australia
Ocean Park in Hong Kong
Umgeni River Bird Park in South Africa
Africam Safari in Puebla Mexico
Vallarta Adventures in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Auckland Zoo in New Zealand
London Zoo
Wellington Zoo (New Zealand)
Copenhagen Zoo (Denmark)
Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Published Works – Magazines
Bird Talk Magazine - USA
Birds USA - USA
Pet Age Magazine - USA
Good Bird Magazine - USA
The International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators Flyer - USA
Urban Animal - Australia
BirdKeeper - Australia
Parrot News - Australia
Parrots Magazine - United Kingdom
World Parrot Trust Psittascene – United Kingdom
Kaijutin - Finland
Companion Bird - Japan
Woliera - Poland
Papegaaien -The Netherlands

*Selected writings by Barbara Heidenreich have
been translated into nine different languages

Animal Behavior Consultant for major pet product companies Kaytee and SuperPet

International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators
    - Past president and board of director’s member from 1997 to 2009

American Zoological Association
    - Member since 1990

The Animal Behavior Management Association
    - Charter member

American Federation of Aviculture
    - Member

Bachelor’s of Science in Zoology from the
University of California at Davis

DVDs, Books and Magazine Produced by Barbara Heidenreich

Parrot Behavior and Training
Training Your Parrot for the Veterinary Exam
Understanding Parrot Body Language
Get Your Bird Back
The Basics of Parrot Training: A Live Workshop
Train Your Parrot to Talk
Bunny Training 101
In Production: Small Mammal Training DVD Series
Good Bird! A Guide to Solving Behavior Problems in Companion Parrots Book
The Parrot Problem Solver Book

Good Bird Magazine


2009 “Behavior of the Year Award”
For consulting work on training king vultures in a breeding situation for husbandry and medical behaviors.

2004 “High Flyer Award”
Best Conference presentation International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators.

2003 “Behavior of the Year Award”
For training a macaw to voluntarily participate in nebulization.

For Booking Contact:

Barbara Heidenreich
Good Bird Inc
PO Box 150604
Austin, TX 78715 USA

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