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The merging of animal training and veterinary medicine is inevitable. With both veterinary professionals and animal trainers seeking ways to provide optimum care for parrots it is the perfect match.

Training with positive reinforcement offers ways to teach parrots to cooperate in their own medical care. This can go a long way in reducing stress as well as making sure veterinary procedures are successfully administered. In addition many clients visiting veterinary professionals are seeking help with behavior problems. This is another area where positive reinforcement training can help tremendously.

FREE ARTICLES:Good Bird Inc greatly enjoys collaborating with veterinary professionals to help parrot caregivers provide the best for the birds. It is for this reason we have prepared some resources we are happy to share with veterinary professionals.

Just fill out the form below and we will immediately send you some articles you are welcome to post on your website, publish in your newsletters or include in client packets. These articles cover the basics of training, and also suggestions for addressing behavior problems.

PARROT BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS HANDOUT: This pdf includes a list of resources for common parrot behavior problems such as vocalizing for attention, fear responses and trust issues, biting and aggressive behavior and more. Email this flyer to your clients or hand it out in your welcome packets. These comprehensive resources are an excellent compliment to your consultations and can save you time in the exam room.

To learn more, please fill out the form below. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with the veterinary community for many years to come. There is much good work we can do together to help parrots.

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