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Parrot Training DVDSBarbara Heidenreich teaches you how to train a parrot to talk. She addresses common myths, and proven methods for encouraging your parrot to vocalize
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Parrot Training DVDSEverything you want to know to get started training your parrot is captured in this video of one of Barbara Heidenreich’s world renowned Parrot Training Workshops.
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Albany Parrot Training DVDSThe first in our series of Parrot Behavior and Training DVD's, this DVD covers the basic fundamentals of training with positive reinforcement.
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Albany Parrot Training DVDSMake you parrots’s next visit to the veterinarian stress free! This DVD shows you how to train your parrot to cooperate in his own medical care.
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Albany Parrot Training DVDSReading you birds body language is one of the most important skills you can learn to help you build a relationship with your parrot based on trust.
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Albany Parrot Training BOOKS This DVD features detailed instructions, as well as useful tools to help you get your lost parrot back. This DVD is a must for any parrot owner.
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Albany Parrot Training BOOKSAn easy-to-read step-by-step guide that uses positive reinforcement for teaching your parrot acceptable behavior.

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Albany Parrot Training BOOKS Learn how to modify your parrots aggressive behavior. 10 steps to address aggressive behavior, common myths and real life case studies
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Good Bird Ebooks are comprehensive teaching tools. They include video, audio and written tutorials to help every type of learner understand how to train their parrot and solve behavior problems.

Motivating Your Parrot For Training Ebook

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A common complaint heard in the world of parrot training is that the bird is not interested in any food treats. This can be a challenge when trying to train a parrot. How can you train if your parrot won’t take treats? Fortunately there are some tools and techniques that can be used to help increase a parrot’s motivation for treats. These methods don’t have to involve restricting food or putting birds on any special training diet. In addition food is only one type of reinforcer. There are many other types of reinforcers parrot caregivers can use to train their birds.

In this Ebook professional bird trainer Barbara Heidenreich shares a variety of methods parrot caregivers can use to create motivation for reinforcers so that a parrot will be an eager participant in training sessions. She provides solutions to the problem of parrots that won’t take treats. She also demonstrates how non reinforcers can be powerful training tools. You don’t have to rely on food if you don’t want to. You will also learn how motivation is also influenced by a number of different factors, including your training strategy. This Ebook is packed with written information as well as a 42 minute video and two audio presentations. If lack of motivation is putting a stop to your parrot training success, give this Ebook a try.

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This Ebook includes
Video Tutorial (42 minutes)
Audio Tutorial  (mp3) (42 minutes)
Podcast (mp3) (31 minutes)
Written Tutorials
Tips and Techniques
Training Guidelines
Useful Forms
Terminology Definitions
Success stories from other parrot owners

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The information in this Ebook can be applied to any species of parrot (African Grey Parrot, Amazon Parrot, Caique, Cockatiel, Cockatoo, Conure , Eclectus, Lovebird, Lorikeets and Lories, Macaw, Parakeet (Budgerigar),Parrotlet, Poicephalus (Senegal parrot, red bellied parrot, Meyer’s parrot, Jardine’s parrot, cape parrot, brown headed parrot), Quaker Parrot, Psittacula (Indian ringneck parakeet, Alexandrine parakeet, Plum headed parakeet, Derbyan parakeet)

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