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parrot training dvdsAn easy-to-read step-by-step guide that uses positive reinforcement for teaching your parrot acceptable behavior.

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parrot training dvds Learn how to modify your parrot’s aggressive behavior. 10 steps to address aggressive behavior, common myths and real life case studies
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Parrot Training eBooks

parrot training books
Train Your Parrot To Step Up - Buy Now!

Train Your Parrot To Accept Medication
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Motivating Your Parrot For Training - Buy Now!

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."I just wanted to thank you for such an awesome video. I recently bought a sun conure and he was not wanting to step up when he was in his cage and being noisy when I was trying to study. I bought your video on Parrot Behavior and Training and now Pepe steps up and down when I ask and he learned to turn around. Its absolutely adorable but, now he won't stop spinning because he's hoping for treats! I think the training sessions helps calm him down and satisfies his attention needs and now I can study in peace. I definitely plan to buy more videos when he has mastered all the tricks in the first. Again, thank you for making Pepe and I so happy with your product." - Atous








“Your video helped me and my parrot Billie with trust issues and so much more! She's so smart; she learned everything inside of a week! We have a much better, much more improved relationship because of your work” – Jan… more

Parrot Training DVDS


good bird parrot training booksTrain Your Parrot to Talk

In this DVD professional animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich teaches you how to train a parrot to talk. She addresses common myths about talking parrots, which birds make ideal candidates for talking, the most effective ways to expose your parrot to sounds you want repeated, proven methods for encouraging your parrot to vocalize and most importantly how to train your parrot to talk on cue. Also included is an appearance by Einstein, the Talking Texan Parrot, plus an interview with her human companions. Bonus CD ROM includes recordings of a variety of species of parrots vocalizing to inspire your bird to talk.

DVD and CD ROM 45 minutes running time.

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  good bird parrot training video

Parrot Behavior and Training

2015 revised edition. This is the first in the series of DVDs by professional animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich. Learn the basic principles of learning as well as step by step instructions for how to train behaviors such targeting, step up, turn around, wave, retrieve and more. Includes an excellent example of training step up with a bird showing aggressive behavior. Also featured is how these behaviors are used in a real life success story to transform a problem parrot into the perfect companion. The training subjects are companion parrots learning these behaviors for the first time captured on film. A great DVD for those new to training or needing a refresher on the basics.

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parrot training dvds
good bird parrot training books The Basics of Parrot Training A Live Workshop

Everything you wanted to know to help you get started training your parrot is captured in this video of one of Barbara Heidenreich’s world renowned Parrot Training Workshops. Barbara is famous for her entertaining and enthusiastic presentation style.  But her true gift is her kind and gentle approach to animal training. You will learn how to train your parrot, read his body language, solve behavior problems and watch Barbara demonstrate these techniques with parrots she is meeting for the first time. Most of all you will learn how to have a great relationship with your bird based on trust. Discover how these training methods can help you have a fun, well behaved and interactive companion parrot. DVD includes three discs. Four hours running time.

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  good bird parrot training books

Get Your Bird Back!

What to Do When A Parrot is Lost

There are few things more heartbreaking than when a beloved parrot accidentally escapes. Barbara Heidenreich and Robin Shewokis were inspired to make this DVD by the thousands of pleas from parrot owners desperately seeking help to recapture a lost bird. This DVD features detailed instructions to help you get your lost parrot back, as well as useful tools such as lost bird flyers, lists of people to contact and a variety of parrot calls. This DVD is a must for any parrot owner. Be prepared. Learn in advance how to prevent the heartache so many have experienced when a parrot is lost. You CAN get your bird back and this DVD can help.

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parrot training video

Training for the
Veterinary Exam

Make your parrot’s next visit to the veterinarian stress free! This DVD shows you how to train your parrot to cooperate in his own medical care. Step by step instructions demonstrate how to train each behavior.




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Understanding Parrot Body Language

Reading your parrot’s body language is one of the most important skills you can learn to help you build a relationship with your parrot based on trust. It is how your parrot communicates. In this DVD professional animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich guides you through the process of looking at a combination of body parts and what they are doing under different circumstances to give you an idea of just what might be going on in those very special bird brains.
46 Minutes. Filmed in High Definition.

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A Good Start to a Good Bird DVD

This mini lesson on training with positive reinforcement is perfect for the new parrot owner looking for tips on how to get started training a companion parrot. This 14 minute DVD provides some simple to apply strategies to begin building a relationship with your new avian companion right away.

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